EUHA 2017 - daily report

summary of day 1-3

The EUHA congress 2017 is over and for all of you who haven’t had the chance to catch up with us in Nuremberg we hereby provide a summary of what we showcased this week:

power one connects all types of people to all types of hearing instruments with high-level hearing and optimal performance. There is a power one energy solution that fits your personality and lifestyle so you can experience life on your terms. Understanding your choices helps you maximize and tailor your quality-of-life journey.  You don't need to fit the solution. The best solution fits you.  

Are you a zinc air type

Are you the independent type who is flexible, carefree, live-in-the-moment, likes to have fun and enjoys life untethered and simply? If so, zinc air primary cells with the highest energy density, high capacity, patented stable high level of voltage for the life of the battery - keeps you on-the-go. In sizes of p10, p13, p312, and p675, these environmentally friendly cells have quick activation, exhibit almost flat drain curve, and are ideal for today's digital hearing aids. These are wireless approved for modern digital devices. 

Are you a NiMH ACCU plus type?  

Perhaps you are the pioneer type who wants a rechargeable solution, is organized and regimented, environmentally conscious, insists on recycling products, and your hearing device does not have too high energy consumption. power one with its ACCU plus is the only manufacturer in the world to provide every size hearing aid battery in a rechargeable NiMH battery also.

Each single ACCU plus replaces up to 57 conventional primary cells. These are nickel-metal hydride batteries in a stainless steel housing. They have no "memory effect' and the capacity remains constant even after frequent recharging. 

Are you a Li-Ion accu type?

You are a cutting-edge new generation type if you are always interested in new technology and the latest greatest developments. You only want the best and you know that a hearing aid is only as good as it's battery. It is the heart of the instrument. You won't compromise on the quality. You also know that new tech is more reliable, smaller and less conspicuous, and it streamlines your quality-of-life experience.


Li-Ion accu batteries are built into the hearing aids so no more battery changing is needed. Oh, you like that! In fact, Li-Ion accus have demonstrated a service life of 4 to 5 years which means they last the life of the hearing aid itself. Smart hearing aids with Bluetooth enable wireless streaming and remote programming and control. This technology is used in telepratice and telemedicine.


power one Fits You

At the heart of your hearing instrument, is the power one battery. Whether you are the zinc air independent primary type, the NiMH pioneer rechargeable type, or the new generation high-tech cutting-edge Li-Ion accu type, your high-level hearing aid requires a reliable battery. When it comes to your quality-of-life journey, power one fits you. 

Did you know that power one is one of the world's leading hearing aid battery manufacturers with batteries made in one of the world's largest and most advanced factories? Only power one provides the complete battery selection for every hearing system technology in primary and rechargeable solutions. Every single cell is tested before leaving the factory - 100%!

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