power one -
Hearing Aid Batteries

  • The Advantages

    There are many reasons for choosing power one!

  • Zinc Air MERCURY-FREE Batteries

    Our lungs lead the way: energy comes "from the air". Sizes 13 and 312 are now wireless approved for modern hearing aids.


    power one is a market and technology leader for cochlear implant (CI) batteries.

  • Li-Ion

    Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries for hearing aids.

  • ACCU plus

    Rechargeable batteries are the most environmentally friendly products of all, due to their basic reusability.

  • Chargers

    The chargers from power one enable the eco-friendly NiMH batteries to be recharged quickly.

  • Accessories

    Battery tester, magnet pen and battery box make it easy to handle the power one products.