power one 2013 collection at the UNSAF (French national union of hearing aid specialists) conference

power one displays innovative battery technology

VARTA Microbattery will be presenting its power one collection for hearing aids at the UNSAF conference in Paris. From 11th to 13th April, industry professionals will be able to see the highlights of the 2013 product range for themselves.

power one hearing aid batteries are manufactured in the new hearing aid battery factory, the largest in the world, and are available from leading hearing aid manufacturers and distributors in the sizes p312, p13, p10 and p675. power one also supplies these sizes in an environmentally-friendly MERCURY-FREE version, which also guarantees the performance and long battery life you would expect from power one.

With its power one IMPLANT brand, VARTA supplies implant wearers with batteries designed to suit their exceptional requirements. Of course, implant wearers can also help to protect the environment by opting for the mercury-free technology offered by the power one IMPLANT plus MERCURY-FREE battery.

With power one ACCU plus, VARTA Microbattery is the only manufacturer of batteries for hearing systems in the world to supply rechargeable hearing aid batteries. The power one brand also supplies suitable chargers with its power one pocketcharger, pencharger and 675 charger.