power one product portfolio at UNSAF

High-level hearing from power one in France

People want to communicate directly with each other – and not just through today's new media. This is exactly why power one offers a reliable, premium hearing aid power supply to people suffering from hearing loss. The developers at VARTA Microbattery designed hearing aid batteries for maximum performance, and the innovative cathode technology of power one provides constantly high voltage in the hearing aid, which is a key feature. Not only that, but power one hearing aid batteries are extremely long lasting, highly reliable with their triple sealing, and corrosion free thanks to their stainless steel casing.

Our booth will provide insight into the segments of the latest lithium-ion technology. VARTA Microbattery will be showcasing a battery that is the result of the VOLKSWAGEN VARTA Microbattery Forschungsgesellschaft research joint venture between the two companies and highlighting how expertise in hearing aid battery technology is actually transferred.

The power one "wireless approved" MERCURY-FREE cells are the latest developments from the power one hearing aid battery segment. VARTA Microbattery will be presenting Type 13 and 312 of these cells. These batteries represent an optimum energy source for the latest generation of wireless devices and hearing aids as well as Bluetooth applications, as is confirmed by leading hearing aid manufacturers.

The power one product portfolio has also been expanded to include the power one IMPLANT plus 13. This battery was specially developed for hearing aids with high-power applications such as streaming.

You can find out more about the premium energy solutions of power one by visiting us at booth F9 or online at www.powerone-batteries.com