Power to Your Ear: Hearing Aid Batteries

Sound and useful life

Even the best hearing aid is of little use if it runs on an unsuitable battery. The brilliant sound is dependent on whether the amplifying power of the hearing aid is used in an optimal way. power one provides extraordinarily high voltage stability for practically the entire discharge duration of the button cell.

The useful life of the battery does not simply depend on the demands made of it. The quality of the battery also has a significant impact on this. 

Prepared for new technologies

Developments in hearing aids have made great progress in recent years. It is not just that the appliances are becoming more and more high-tech while packed into an increasingly smaller space. They are also keeping pace with the technology of modern life. Thus, hearing aid manufacturers are now enabling their hearing systems to be connected to communication and entertainment electronics, such as the TV or telephone. This connection can be by cable or wireless, via a so-called Bluetooth interface.

Batteries from power one are optimally prepared for these new technologies with their very high level of voltage.