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Hearing aid batteries from power one come from a long tradition: "Made in Germany", they are among the world's top-selling batteries. The reasons for their extraordinary success: they combine the highest quality and reliability, an extremely long life and maximum comfort.

At power one, every battery is tested before it leaves the works - 100%. The comfort packaging then receives a quality seal, which safely seals and protects it. The rustproof batteries themselves have an outstanding service life, especially where high power demands are concerned. Behind all this is a special, patented technology that enhances the cell voltage.

power one is particularly consumer-minded when it comes to handling the battery. Extra long tabs facilitate removal of the cell from the packaging and insertion into the hearing aid.

The environment is equally important to power one. Hence, power one is the only manufacturer in the world to provide a complete range of environmentally friendly rechargeable nickel-hydride batteries, together with chargers, for hearing aids.

On these pages you will learn all about our premium products. In addition, we offer you extensive knowledge on the subject of `better hearing`.
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Herbert Schein
CEO VARTA Microbattery GmbH, Ellwangen/Germany