Perceiving the Environment, Protecting the Environment

If you want people to be able to hear once again the twittering of birds and the murmuring of streams, you must also protect nature! power one takes a responsible approach to the environment. Our environmental management system has been certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. By carefully and constantly improving our manufacturing processes, we look after the natural resources. We also use eco-friendly materials for the packaging.

What is more, power one is the only manufacturer in the world to provide a complete range of environmentally friendly rechargeable nickel-hydride batteries, together with chargers, for hearing aids.


A hearing aid is a constant companion. For this reason, the hearing aid wearer should always be able to rely completely on the safety of the device and all ist components. We strive for top Performance, unique Quality and maximum safety. The Quality of our products meet all the requirements of the medical device industry. We are certified according to DIN ISO 13485 as a medical product manufacturer, which means that our processes - starting from design and development through production to sales of zinc-air batteries - ensure safety for the consumer.