Across Moroccos desert to children with hearing loss

In February 2009 power one supported a team of students on the 4L Trophy rally across the Moroccan desert and supplied hearing impaired children with hearing aid batteries.

Included in the itinerary for the journey from Paris to Marrakech were the innovative and high-performance power one hearing aid batteries. power one was supporting a team of students on the 4L Trophy, in which thousands of students from all over Europe take part. The participants in this trek across the desert are not interested in adventure, but rather in providing social and humanitarian aid.

An iconic Renault 4, driven by the students Marine and Corrine, transported hearing aid batteries donated by power one across the African wasteland. The purpose was to help hearing impaired Moroccan children, who cannot afford replacement batteries for hearing aids.
power one hearing aid batteries also proved on this over 6,000-kilometre journey that they are fit to handle the most severe conditions.