Hearing impaired children in Jordan

In July 2010 we turned our attention to Jordan. Here, in collaboration with the German hearing and sight charity "SINN-voll helfen e.V.", ten children aged between eight months and five years were supplied with sponsored implants. power one undertook to supply the batteries for the first year.

"Not seeing separates us from things, not hearing separates us from people" - true to the maxim of Immanuel Kant, the Aalen-based charity "SINN-voll helfen e.V." has committed itself to helping hearing and sight impaired people. One project of the charity is support for hearing impaired children in Jordan.

Following the project launch last year, it became clear to students and staff of Aalen University that many of these children would profit from a cochlear implant since they were close to deafness. With this technology, the auditory nerve is electrically stimulated by means of an implant. The hearing aid electronics, including the batteries, are worn behind the ear.

At the charity's second visit in July 2010, ten children aged from 8 months to 5 years were able to be supplied with sponsored implants from the firm of Med-El. The hearing aids were implanted by Prof. Dr. Matthias Tisch of the German military hospital in Ulm, assisted by Prof. Dr. Annette Limberger, Professor for Audiology at Aalen University.

The reason for this project in Jordan is that public health insurance funds do not pay for the costs of implants. Only wealthy families are able to afford such provision. Children from poor families, who would find payment impossible themselves, are reliant on external assistance.

power one has now undertaken to supply these ten children with power one hearing aid cells for a year. The power one "IMPLANT plus" hearing aid battery is the world's strongest and most suitable cell for inserting in implants. The cells are produced at the world's most up-to-date and biggest production site for hearing aid batteries in Ellwangen, Germany.