Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries for hearing aids

It’s what’s inside that matters

A fast sports car would be unable to win market shares without high-quality components such as the engine and brake discs. The quality and performance of that kind of high-tech machine stand or fall on the quality of its individual components. The same applies to cutting-edge hearing aids. The battery is absolutely essential for a reliable and optimum hearing experience. It is the heart of contemporary hearing aids and has thus become a strategic component for hearing aid producers. While the quality requirements are rising, the hearing aids themselves are getting smaller and less conspicuous. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are a promising choice in this context. power one’s "Li-Ion accu" provides just this kind of a high performing, reliable and safe solution.

There is one thing the human body and hearing aids have in common – the better the heart, the more the entire system is capable and the longer is its life. The power one lithium ion batteries are built into the hearing aids. It is therefore important for manufacturers that the service life of the cell is just as long as the hearing aid’s lifetime. The power one Li-Ion accus have demonstrated a service life of 4 to 5 years, which means they last just as long as a hearing aid. No more battery changing is needed.

The high quality comes from our long years of experience and the intensive research and development work we have conducted ourselves and leads to high performance and safety. power one Li-Ion accu are manufactured in the state-of-the-art facilities at the Ellwangen site. Top manufacturers consider power one to be innovation drivers and work with us to develop the next generation of new, higher-performance hearing aids because they know they can rely on our high level of product quality.

"power one inside" is a seal of approval reflecting all those quality factors.