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A fast sports car would not be possible without high-quality components such as the engine or brake discs not competitive. The performance and quality of such a high-tech machine depends on the quality of its individual components. The situation is similar with a modern hearing aid: the battery is crucial for a reliable and optimal hearing experience. It is the heart of modern hearing aids and has thus become a strategic component for hearing aid manufacturers. It is expected to become ever smaller and more invisible, while the demand for power and performance increases. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are a promising choice here. VARTA offers such a powerful, reliable and safe solution with VARTA Li-Ion accu.

As with the human body, the following applies to hearing aids: the more powerful the heart, the more efficient and durable the entire system. The VARTA Li-Ion accus are permanently installed in the hearing aids. For the manufacturers it is correspondingly important that the lifetime of the cell is as long as that of the hearing aid. Lithium-ion batteries have a service life of four to five years. This means that lithium-ion batteries last as long as a hearing aid.

The high quality is the result of many years of experience and intensive in-house research and development. VARTA Li-Ion accus are manufactured on very modern facilities at the Ellwangen site. Well-known manufacturers see VARTA as an innovation driver and, due to the high product quality, work together with power one in the development of new, high-performance hearing aids of the next generation.