Hear better with test winning batteries

  • The Stiftung Warentest consumer survey awards top marks for power one hearing aid batteries

Performance, Handling and Usability

On the premises of VARTA Microbattery in Ellwangen, these days everything is under the theme “Test Winner”. The reason for this is the outstanding results of the power one hearing aid batteries in the latest Hearing Aid Battery Test of Stiftung Warentest.

Stiftung Warentest is a German foundation. It was established in 1964 by the German federal parliament with the aim of helping consumers by providing impartial and objective information based on the results of comparative investigations of goods and services. They buy products anonymously from retailers and make covert use of services. The tests are carried in independent labs that use scientific methods.  The findings are published in their magazines “test” and “Finanztest” and online at www.test.de.

Modern energy solutions for innovative hearing aids

The sense of hearing is of great importance to all human beings, it is the only sense that works around the clock, provides orientation, warns against danger and is the basis for communication between people. That is why it is so important to protect your hearing or to provide the best possible care in case of hearing loss.

In this regard, hearing aids are indispensable. Hearing aids require a high-quality, long-lasting provision of energy so that they can provide the best-possible performance from day-to-day. In their most current test of hearing aid batteries, the Stiftung Warentest has confirmed that power one delivers the appropriate batteries. In the category for the smallest hearing aid batteries for in-ear devices (Type 10), and the category of medium-sized round cell batteries for behind-the-ear hearing aids (Type 312), power one achieved the best performance among the 14 batteries tested, receiving the grade of 1.8. Special attention was paid to power one’s exceptional battery capacity.

Torsten Schmerer, General Manager Business Unit Retail at VARTA Microbattery, was very happy with this evaluation: “The positive findings of this test are a result of over 130 years of battery knowledge and our permanent work of research and development. This is how we are regularly able to launch innovative high-performance products.” The fully automated production process of the power one batteries is certified multiple times and includes a 100-percent quality control. The batteries are exclusively made in Germany. “power one batteries are produced in the world’s largest and most modern production facility for hearing aid batteries”. Schmerer adds.

In their current test, the Stiftung Warentest highlights the performance of power one batteries as well as their ease of handling for its users. This is based on the innovative, convenient and resealable packaging, which makes their transportation safe, whereby the double-layered cardboard prevents the battery from falling out. A quality seal ensures the freshness of the batteries. Furthermore, the packaging material is environmentally friendly due to its FSC-certified blistercard, sourced from sustainable forestry management.

„We are so proud of the batteries and the test results, that we let our packaging shine with a new look. From now on we’ll print the “Testsieger” symbol – which means test winner in German – on the packaging of the most frequently used type: the 312” Torsten Schmerer explains. The power one batteries with the red “Stiftung Warentest logo are now available.

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