power one WIRELESS approved

Modern hearing aids today have many additional, sophisticated functions with high energy consumption. We have designed our batteries to meet these increased requirements.
power one WIRELESS approved means hearing aid energy with premium performance and longevity - as usual with the well known stable high voltage of power one.
All our proven zinc-air cells are and remain mercury-free. power one thus lives up to its claim of being the most environmentally friendly hearing aid battery manufacturer.

Type designationp10p13p312p675
Type No.24610246062460724600 
Voltage (V)1,451,451,451,45
Elektrochemical systemzinc-airzinc-airzinc-airzinc-air
Diameter (mm)5,87,97,911,6
Height (mm)3,65,43,65,4
Weight (g)0,30,830,581,83